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ドミニオン&パワー・ジャパン 演奏集



"There's A Praise Ringing In My Soul"


Director - Hideaki Furusaw

Piano - Naoko Suguiyama

Recorded live at Ooizumi Central Chapel

On 8th August,2015

"What A Mighty God We Serve"​

Director - Hideaki Furusawa

Piano - Keiko Kato


Recorded live at Ooizumi Central Chapel

(大泉セントラルチャペル)On 8th August,2015

"Amazing Grace"


Live at Ozimi Central Chapel 2015/08/15


Director: Chie Watanabe

Lead:Kyoko Noguchi

Organ:Keiko Kato

Piano: Naoko Suguiyama

"Praise Ye The Lord"


Rehearsal on 2014/9/27

at Oizumi Central Chapel. Nerima-ku,Tokyo.


Director: Misuzu Watanabe

Piano: Naoko Suguiyama

"The Center Of My Joy"


Direction and Solo by Hideaki Furusawa 

Piano - Naoko Suguiyama

Recorded live on 8th August,2015 at Ooizumi Central Chapel